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Monk fruit sweetener is a kind of small sub-tropical melon which is mainly cultivated in the remote mountains of Guilin, Southern China. And Monk fruit extract is currently permitted for use in more than 60 countries.

Like other no-calorie sweeteners, monk fruit sweeteners are intensely sweet. Monk fruit sweeteners range from being 150-200 times sweeter than sugar, and as such only small amounts are needed in a product to equal the sweetness provided by sugar.
Monk fruit Extract is 100% natural white powder or light yellow powder extracted from monk fruit. It has been used as a good medicine for hundreds of years.

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  • 100% Natural sweetener, Zero- calorie.
  • 150 to 300 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Taste closed to sugar and no bitter aftertaste.
  • 100% water solubility.
  • Good stability, stable in different pH conditions (pH 3-11)


In 1996, Monk fruit extract had approved to be used as a sweetener by China FDA.

In 2002, US FDA had approved monk fruit extract to be used in food & beverage.

Monk Fruit Extract is approved for use as a table-top sweetener in Canada, and as a food additive sweetener in Australia and New Zealand.

Monk Fruit Extract Standard in China: GB1886.77-2016. Monk fruit extract can be added in food & beverage based on production needs as per GB2760 regulations.

Product Application

Monk fruit sweeteners can be used in a wide range of beverages and foods like soft drinks, juices, dairy products, desserts, candies and condiments. Because they are stable at high temperatures, monk fruit sweeteners can be used in baked goods.

Monk fruit sweeteners are also being used in tabletop sweeteners and to sweeten packaged foods and beverages.

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20% Mogroside V, 25% Mogroside V, 30% Mogroside V, 40% Mogroside V.

50% Mogroside V, 55% Mogroside V, 60% Mogroside V.


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