Monk Fruit Extract is pure natural sweetener with sweet taste

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Monk fruit Extract is 100% natural white powder or light yellow powder extracted from monk fruit. , which is sugar-free, calorie-free, and non-burdensome to the body. Its high sweetness concentration and sweet taste make it a healthy, tasty and low-cal option.

Monk fruit Extract is an all-natural sweetener extracted from Monk Fruit, which is sugar-free, calorie-free, and non-burdensome to the body. Compared to traditional sweeteners, Monk Fruit Extract has a higher concentration of sweetness and requires only a small amount of use to obtain a sweet taste, reducing the cost of use and also maintaining the longevity of sweetness. This natural sweetener is suitable for a variety of baking, cooking, beverage preparation and other occasions, is a healthy, delicious, low-calorie choice.

  • Ingredients: Monk Fruit Extract, 25% Mogroside V, 50% Mogroside V
  • Net content: 1kg
  • Sweetness: 100-300 times the equivalent of sugar
  • Calories: 0
  • Serving method: can be consumed directly or added to cooking, baking, drinks
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    • Pure natural: natural sweetener extracted from Monk Fruit, without any chemical synthetic sweetener added, without any side effects.
    • High sweetness: 100-300 times the sweetness concentration of sugar equivalent, only a small amount is needed to obtain a sweet taste.
    • Low calorie: No sugar or calories, making it a healthy, low-calorie choice.
    • Long lasting sweetness: the sweetness is long lasting and can be maintained for a long time in making desserts and beverages.


    • Health: 100% natural sweetener, zero-calorie. It is a healthy choice, which is harmless to the body.
    • Delicious: The high sweetness concentration can make food and drinks more delicious and meet consumers' pursuit of good food. Taste closed to sugar and no bitter aftertaste.
    • Multi-purpose: It can be used in various baking, cooking, beverage making and other occasions, and has wide applicability.
    • Economical: Due to the high sweetness concentration, only a small amount is needed to achieve the desired sweetness, reducing the cost of use.
    • Solubility:100% water solubility.
    • Stability: Good stability, stable in different pH conditions¬†(pH 3-11).

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