Natural Zero-Calories Sweetener (Okalvia)

Short Description:

Okalvia is a new natural sugar substitute brand of HuaSweet. It brings together a team of Chinese and American experts in the field of sugar substitute, selects natural and high-quality raw materials from all over the world, uses advanced plant fermentation technology to perfectly restore the taste of sugar, and creates high-quality natural zero-calorie sugar that meets the needs of Chinese people in an all-round way.

WuHan HuaSweet Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of healthy sugar substitutes and providing global sweet solutions. It has been deeply involved in the industry for nearly 20 years.

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Raw Material

  • Erythritol: high quality corn extract, does not participate in human metabolism, zero calories, does not cause blood sugar fluctuations, cool taste.
  • Mogroside: using the world's unique refining and purification process, from the medicine and food homologous Luohan fruit extracted, no heat.
  • Stevia glycoside: extracted from high quality stevia, high purity natural sweet, calorific value is only 1/300 of sucrose.
  • Thaumatin: A naturally sweet protein derived from the fruits of arrowroot (arrowroot) in the rainforest with pure sweet taste as sugar.

Product Advantages

Selection of global high-quality natural plant raw materials, the use of advanced plant fermentation technology, 1:1 reduction of sugar sweetness, famous designer design patent packaging, all-round to create a new generation of natural zero calorie sugar.

Main Products

Okalvia Family Pack (500g)

  • Sweetness: 1 time sweetness
  • Ingredients: erythritol, stevia glucoside, mogroside

Okalvia Share Pack (100g)

  • Sweetness: 1 time sweetness
  • Ingredients: erythritol, stevia glucoside, mogroside

Okalvia Portable Pack (1g*40)

  • Sweetness: 7 times sweetness
  • Ingredients: erythritol, sucralose, mogroside, thaumatin

Okalvia 0-calorie syrup

  • Sweetness: the same as sucrose syrup, also can be customized according to customer requirements
  • Ingredients: water, erythritol, mogroside, stevia glucoside, thaumatin, etc

Product Application

Cooking, baking, drinks, daily low-carb diet, etc.


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