Okalvia: Start a new chapter of sugar substitutes and set off a new trend of reducing sugar

Founded in July 2020, Okalvia is a brand new natural zero-calorie sugar brand launched by WuHan HuaSweet Co., Ltd .

Adhering to the principle of “connecting people with a natural and sustainable lifestyle with the sweet taste of 0 calories”, the core team of Okalvia is led by James R. Knerr, an authoritative expert in the field of global health sweeteners, together with experts and doctors from domestic research institute, and a collection of raw material R&D engineers, nutrition experts, sales management and other personnel.

Using cutting-edge research results and advanced fermentation technology, selected global high-quality natural raw materials, to create a new generation of natural zero-calorie sugar for consumers.

As many as 90 million people in China were obese in 2019, according to a report by the Lancet, a British medical journal.In the same year, the data released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) showed that there were about 463 million diabetic patients in the world between 20 and 79 years old, and the number of diabetic patients in China reached 147 million, ranking first in the world.
The WHO report, Fiscal Policies for Improving Diet and Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases, clearly states that “the use of taxation to regulate sugar-sweetened beverage consumption can reduce obesity and diabetes caused by excessive sugar-intake”

Dozens of countries, including the US and Europe, have introduced sugar taxes.

In Mexico, for example, one of the countries with high rates of obesity and diabetes, a tax on sugary drinks in 2014 raised retail prices by 10%. A year after the tax was implemented, sales of sugary drinks fell by 6%.
Hypoglycemic control has become a global trend, but the domestic awareness of hypoglycemic control and calorie control is still in the primary stage.

With the introduction of policies such as “Three Cuts, Three Restructions” and “Healthy China 2019-2030″, it is advocated that the daily sugar intake should not be higher than 25g, but in fact, the daily sugar intake of the average Chinese person exceeds 50g. We realize that it is urgent for Chinese people to reduce sugar, and we should focus on healthy substitute sugar to make Chinese families eat healthy and reliable sugar.

According to the statistics of China Statistical Yearbook, the annual consumption of sugar in China is about 16 million tons, and the terminal direct consumption of sugar is 5 million tons. The terminal consumption structure of sugar is in the catering industry, which accounts for 64%, including hand-baked (40%), ready-made beverages (12%), and catering cooking (12%), and direct consumption accounts for 36%.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the pursuit of healthy life, as well as the education and popularization of sugar reduction and sugar control among consumers, the sugar substitute industry will become a blue ocean market with a level of 100 billion based on the sugar consumption in the current static scenes.

In fact, there are no substitute sugar products in China, but there are very few participants in the market in terms of products and brands.

As the first C-end natural sugar substitute brand under the leadership of sweet taste solutions in the food and beverage industry, Okalvia truly wants to not only capture the business opportunities and changing consumer needs, but also take on the social responsibility of cultivating consumer market and consumer habits.

Mission of Okalvia is to “make Chinese families eat healthy and safe sugar”, and vision is to “become the leading brand of natural zero-calorie sugar in China”.

Okalvia uses a combination of online and offline business models.While cooperating with chain milk tea, high-end boutique stores and other small B-end stores and revealing the brand, we also cooperate with web celebrity KOL, media platforms, online malls and other C-end markets to carry out authoritative endorsement and brand promotion.

The platform on the C terminal echoes with the small B terminal offline, allowing OKALVIA to penetrate into the daily life of consumers from merchants and further deepen the brand impression.

Through such a business model, we can guide Chinese people to develop healthy eating habits, raise their attention to the concept of low-sugar diet, promote the awareness of demand, and comprehensively create high-quality natural zero-calorie sugar that meets the needs of Chinese people.

Currently, Okalvia’s products include family pack (500G), sharing pack (100G), and portable pack (1G *40), which will be launched on various e-commerce platforms in April.

Post time: Nov-05-2022